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About Me

Hi, I’m Glenn Hubbers. Photographer, Traveller, Adventurer and Explorer.

I'm also a professional engineer, construction manager, ex political junkie, husband and father, but for my purpose here I’m a photographer.

Thanks to my (singer/songwriter and also Registered Holistic Nutritionist) wife, I eat well and keep healthy to facilitate my explorations, hiking and climbing to get to a lot of amazing places to make images, and we like to travel to see the world and experience new cultures.

I've had a blog that's been through several lives over the years since I started it in 2005, and I’m slowly picking away at cleaning up (aka deleting) a lot of old posts that aren’t relevant any longer. If you’re interested to see any of that old rambling, including a brief dabbling in a political life, feel free to browse back in time before they are gone. From here forward my topics will include photography adventures, learning, and passing that information onward to others, along with highlighting the work of others that I find particularly inspiring.

My primary influences (at least those you may have heard of) are Trey Ratcliff, David duChemin, and Martin Bailey, among many others. In particular I have to mention Ibarionex Perello, whose massive list of quality interviews of photographers and other artists has been a huge source of inspiration.

I hope the content you find here will be entertaining and instructive. I’ll be honoured if you want to tag along and can only promise to try to remain worthy of your time and attention. In meantime, please grab a coffee (or a beer) and spend a few minutes browsing the galleries, and be sure to drop me a line as I always like to hear which images speak to you.

– Glenn